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Who Is Involved When A Property Gets Sold?

When a property gets sold, who are the main people that are involved?

This blog should help to educate you a little bit and give you information that maybe you didn't know before seeing it.

So a property is getting sold...

You typically think, "Oh yes of course, there's the person buying it and the person selling it!"


But there's also the real estate agent that's involved, and a couple other parties...

The real estate agent goes between the buyer and seller and works with them to ensure the paperwork is done right.

Then you have the attorney.

Another word for the attorney is the Transferring Attorney because they're in charge of transferring from the seller to the buyer's name.

Another name for the transferring attorney is the word conveyancer.

So you have buyer, seller, agent, conveyancer.


The seller is letting go of the property.


The buyer is taking it over as their new property.

That process, called the transfer process, takes 3 months to be done.

In that 3 month period, the seller has to wait on their money! Even though they sold the property, even though they are letting go of it, even though they've sold something...

They need to wait 3 months or more before they get paid!

ALSO, the agent who did all this work has to wait for their commission for 3 months.

They don't get paid for 3 months after doing all this work.

So we come in as Empower Funding to the rescue!

We come in the middle of this process and we say:

"HEY! We can get you those funds right now!"


"It's your money!"

"You should get it now!"

"And we will bridge you the money, and all you need to pay us is the best rate in South Africa."

That's where we come in, and we can get the Agent or the Seller their money without them needing to wait!

We work with the attorneys and the client, and we make sure that this all goes super smooth.

Get in touch with us right away!

And we will get you Your Money. Now

Please have a look at the video below.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding



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