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  • Are We Really The Most Affordable?
    Yes. We have no admin fees, no initiation fees, no addition fees, or anything other than our rate. And we guarantee that our rate is the best - we will match or beat any other legitimate written quote.
  • What Is A Bridge Loan?
    This is one of our most common questions, and it is a very often misunderstood subject! Have a look at this video... And we explain the answer in detail on this page of our website: Click Me
  • Why Do People Need Bridging Finance?
    Bridging finance is a way to access mo ney that is due to you without having to wait. If you've just sold your home, you will only receive the money from the sale in 2-3 months. If you're an agent that has sold a home, you will only receive your commission in 2-3 months. If you don't want to wait, we offer the most affordable option to receive your money, now.
  • When Can I Ask Empower Funding for a Bridge Loan?
    Right away! Technically, you need to have a few key steps in place with the sale of your home. That said, contact us and we will get going with helping you immediately!
  • How Much Can Empower Funding Lend Me?
    Any amount, big or small. We offer bridge loans for up to 80% of the proceeds from a sale. So if you're an agent waiting on your commissions, we can bridge 80% of your due commissions. And if you've sold your home and are waiting for the proceeds, we can bridge 80% of the amount due to you! Get in touch!
  • How Does Your Interest Rate Get Calculated?
    We are the most affordable bridging finance company in the country, guaranteed. ​ Our interest rate: R1 per R1,000 per day. No other fees whatsoever.​ ​ Here’s how it would work. Say you have sold your property and are due R150,000 as profit from the sale. We can lend you anywhere up to 80% of your proceeds that are due. Assuming you need a bridge loan of R100,000 at R1 per R1,000 per day... Your daily cost would be only R100.00 on a R100,000 loan. If you needed this loan for 30 days, your total cost would be R3,000 only on R100,000 - and you didn’t have to wait for your money! For more information, have a look at our bridge loan calculator (you will find it by scrolling down to "The Cost".
  • Do We Really Issue Funds in Under 24 Hours?
    Yes! Once all the paperwork is in place and is fully submitted to us, we issue you your funds in under 24 hours! Our purpose is to give you access to your money, fast.
  • What is the General Procedure?
    We aim to make the procedure as easy and speedy as possible. ​ 1. You, the client, or your attorney, let us know you’re interested in a loan. 2. We get some basic information from you and send through our simple paperwork. 3. The attorney and client fill in our paperwork. 4. Our team will review the paperwork and ensure everything is in place. 5. Once all is, we will issue your payment in under 24 hours.
  • Why Should I Use Empower Funding and Not Go Elsewhere?
    - We are the most affordable bridging finance in the country, guaranteed. ​ - We have no hidden or additional fees at all. ​ - Our procedure is simple and easy. ​ - We issue bridge loans fast - under 24 hours, guaranteed! ​ - We work with clients across South Africa. - No matter your financing needs, if we can't help you, we will refer you to a professional that will! ​ - We offer free, super powerful business and life seminars for our clients.
  • What Are Suspensive Conditions?
    In order to issue a bridge loan to you, we need to ensure there are NO suspensive conditions on the deal. One of the most commonly misunderstood terms is the term "suspensive condition". In this video, we explain what a suspensive condition is simply!
  • What Is A Guarantee?
    In order to issue a bridge loan, it is co mmon practice to require the "guarantees" to be in place. What is a guarantee? Simply, it is a paper from the bank ensuring their promise to the buyer that he or she will get the money to buy the home. We explain it in full in this video...
  • Does Empower Funding Offer Personal Loans?
    Unfortunately we do not. We strictly focus on and specialize in bridge loans - issuing loans when a home has been sold. That said, we can assist you in finding someone that may be able to offer you a personal loan.
  • Does Empower Funding Offer Loans Against Pension Pay Outs?
    Unfortunately we do not. We strictly focus on and specialize in bridge loans - issuing loans when a home has been sold. That said, we can assist you in finding someone that may be able to offer you a loan against your pension pay out.
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