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Common Sales Mistake - Don't Do This!

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is that they promise more than they can deliver.

So when they're going to close, they think they need to keep promising things in order to make the client buy.

Now, what's the problem with that?

First of all, the client is unhappy, because you promised more than you could deliver, and you end up not delivering what you promised.

Thus, they don't refer you more clients...

Because they don't refer you more clients, you not only make less sales, but also on the sale (where you promised more than you can deliver), you make less profit, because you need to figure out more ways to deliver more than you can afford to deliver!!

And it gets into a mess, and a dwindling spiral.

Now, if you know the key for closing (not all the keys, but one of the keys for closing), you won't fall into the trap of promising more than you can deliver.

Instead, you will actually HELP the client!

Now it's not necessarily that you'll get more prospects even, but instead of causing two out of 10 to buy, you could now close eight out of the 10 same clients - not bad!

But you know the key...

And then you can truly wow them by giving them something more special...

And then getting more prospects because they refer...

And helping them and they become your clients...

And then making more profit because you deliver what you say you can deliver, and maybe even a little more...

So that's what we learn in The Income Booster - that key for closing.

So you don't make the mistake of making a promise that you can't fulfill.

I hope that that makes sense and is interesting to you!

And check out the video below!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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