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Do You Qualify for Bridging Finance?

If you’ve recently sold your home or are a real estate agent who has closed a sale, waiting for the funds to come through can be frustrating.

The typical three-month wait can put a strain on your financial plans.

Fortunately, Empower Funding offers a solution to access your money without the usual delays! We take a look at your situation and the details of your deal to get funds to you, quickly and easily.

Flexible Qualification Criteria

Essentially, if you have sold a home or are a real estate agent who has completed a sale, you are eligible to apply for bridging finance. We will review your deal and run a credit check as part of the process.

Even if your credit rating isn’t perfect, don’t worry—we might still be able to assist you. Our goal is to make bridging finance accessible to as many people as possible, ensuring that temporary financial constraints don’t hinder your plans.

Personalized Assessment

We recognize that each financial situation is unique!

That’s why we take a personalized approach to every application. By thoroughly examining the specifics of your deal, we aim to provide the best possible solution tailored to your needs.

This personalized assessment sets us apart and allows us to offer solutions that truly benefit our clients.

Get Your Money Fast

Don’t let the wait for your money cause unnecessary stress.

With Empower Funding, you can bypass the typical delays and access your funds quickly. Our process is designed to minimize waiting times and provide you with the financial support you need when you need it most.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Gal Ezra


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