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Helping People

Our business, Empower Funding, is built on helping people. While it may seem like it’s a boring old finance company, there is much more than meets the eye. We specialize in offering money to our clients while they wait for their homes to be sold. This can be a tricky and worrying time for them because they are in a waiting game, and they are pushed to a corner in which they can’t do anything! Their home has been sold, but they have no reach or access to their money.

We solve this issue with bridging finance, and we have helped hundreds of families get access to their money in order to allow them to pay for things such as their kids’ school fees, their business operations costs, their home transfer costs, or their personal expenditure, to name a few. We have countless great reviews on Google and Facebook, and helping our clients is truly our purpose.

In fact (true story), when we first started our business, day one we gathered around a boardroom table and asked, “All right, what are all the ways we can help people? How can we serve this market?”

Bridging finance is not a field we invented – not even close. But we came in with the purpose of adding value. Giving more than the rest.

This comes in the form of the best rate on the market. It’s personalized service. It’s countless free videos which give simple answers to the difficult questions in the property industry. It’s an easy way to reach us. It’s social media. It’s so much more!

We are ever-growing and ever-evolving. As we approach two years of business, I’m as excited as ever. And I can’t wait to see what the next 2, 4 and 6 years have in store!

Thank you for reading this and for your interest in Empower Funding.

It’s our pleasure to help you get your money, now!

Gal Ezra

Managing Director

Empower Funding


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021 140 3540

Learn more about our bridging finance service HERE

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