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Refer A Lead And Earn Money!

We have an amazing lead referral program at Empower Funding because we believe that if you've helped us, we should help you in return!

If you have a client, colleague, or friend in mind that:

is selling a home

is buying a home

And doesn't want to wait on their money, help them by connecting us!

If they bridge with us, you should then get a lead referral commission or fee in return.

Attorneys, agents, accountants, and business professionals often work with or meet people that can make use of our service. Or sometimes, it's as simple as a family member.

This is not only an additional income source for you but a way to offer value to those you know through our bridging finance service. 

If you would like to earn money by referring clients to us, or simply want to learn more about our service, please get in touch!


Contact us directly via email at or call us on 021 140 3540

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