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What Are The Advantages Of Bridging Finance?

Updated: Mar 6

Many people hear of bridging finance and they question whether they should make use of bridging finance or not...

Let's get into what the advantages are...

Well, the truth is that when you have money, a lot of times this means opportunities, or simply a better life...

Here are a few examples:

Number one

You can use the money for your business, such as toward marketing expenses, toward improving your office equipment, toward a new laptop or a new phone, toward more flyers for advertisement, and these can be major advantages for expansion in order to make more money.

Number two

You can use the money to buy property... Often, buying a new property has more expenses than just the purchase price: think attorney fees or taxes, for example. Sellers, you may need this... And real estate agents, you may want to suggest bridging for your clients so the transaction as a whole goes smoother and faster.

Number three

You can use the money for your own life expenses... We've bridged regularly for clients that needed money to pay for their kids' school fees, or for moving, or just to pay bills!

Number four

You can use the money for your own peace of mind. Property transactions take time, and they often have delays and red tape, and you might just want the comfort of having some of the money sitting in your account, instead of being hung up in the deal... Bridging can give you that cashflow, and with that relieve some of the pressure that can come from the process...

Empower Funding's purpose is to help, and to allow our clients to expand and have the money for their life and the opportunities that come with that money!

If you're interested, please get in touch with our team!

We'd love to work with you or those you know!

Thank you for reading this and please see the video below!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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