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What Is Bridging Finance?

This is a basic question that we've covered before. But I feel like it's always good to go back to it and learn more about it. You have many different kinds of bridging finance, actually across many different industries.

But the one that we do is bridging finance in the property industry, specifically when a home has been sold. And there's that gap, that waiting period when all the paperwork has been signed, but no one is getting their money yet. During this time there is a lot of paperwork to be done and it takes a few months.

This is where we come in as Empower Funding and offer bridging finance, giving you money now. You don't have to wait for that process and that paperwork.

So what is bridging finance? It's a way to get your money ahead of time without needing to wait, we bridge the gap between you and your money so that there's no waiting time.

I hope that that makes sense. There's obviously a more technical explanation. And we have many blog posts and videos online where we explain more. But that gives you an idea of what we do and what our kind of bridging finance is.

We're looking forward to helping you out.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding

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