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Who Qualifies For Bridging Finance?

If you've sold your home or you're an agent that has made a sale, you might need some cash to get you by till the sale of your home or commission comes through!

You can come to Empower Funding!

We will assist you to get bridging finance, meaning you don't need to wait for YOUR money for 3 months and you can use it now for business, marketing, equipment or just life.

It is your money after all...

Why wait?

Once you come to us, we'll evaluate your deal for free, advise on the next steps, and once all is in place, we'll issue you funds.

But how do you qualify? Hmmmm, Great QUESTION!

Essentially anyone that has sold their home, or an agent selling a property for commission, can qualify.

We need to ensure some basics are in place with the sale such as guarantees in place and some other easy boxes to tick, and we'll move right along!

So yes, as we like to say, at least approach us and give us the deal.

We'll take a look at the specifics, run a credit check with your approval... By the way usually, even if your credit rating is not the best, we can often still help get you your funds fast and as smoothly as possible.

Generally, if you've sold a home in any way, shape or form, you can come to us.

You might think we can't help your specific situation, but there's a good chance we will!

Get in touch with us, via Email, phone call or even WhatsApp on 082-956-9696!

We'll Get You Your Money. Now

Thank you for reading and please watch the video below!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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