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Yes, We Were Hacked!

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

A short article from our Managing Director, Gal Ezra, about this week's hack:

"Success is a magnet for attackers. Action makes haters itch. Whenever someone does something, someone else tries to stop it. And worst of all, when the success or action does good for others, there are those who feel that any good must be ended.

These people try to spread the bad and wreak as much havoc as possible in their wake.

The only solution for people of good will, among those that wish to cause damage, is to always continue with their purpose of spreading the good, and prospering along the way - while making those around them prosper as well.

This is the aim of Empower Funding - to help our clients prosper.

Nothing and no one will stop that.

In regards to the attempted attack, a malicious and very false article was released about someone internally within the company. Needless to say, it was nonsense and has been removed. If you were made aware of this attempted "attack", you can ignore it.

They also managed to take our website offline for a bit, and it is now back up and running.

So, thank you for supporting Empower Funding!

We will always continue to do good and help YOU."

Watch this video from our Managing Director, Gal Ezra:

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