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Bridging Finance For Your Transfer Duty

You may need bridging finance for your transfer duty.

What do we mean by that?

Essentially when you're selling your home there are certain costs that you need to pay when you transfer from the owner to the buyer who will be the new owner.

Costs such as taxes, costs for the attorneys, etc. One of those costs is called "transfer duty". If you need money for that... you might not have it because you're waiting for money from the sale of your home. Unfortunately, you will only get that money in a few months time.

This is where we can come in and assist you!

We specialize in a special kind of finance called "bridging finance" which gives you money upfront from the sale of your home.

You can then use some of the money, up to 80% of your proceeds from the sale towards life, transfer duty and other costs so you don't have the stress of waiting!

If you'd like to find out more, we are the most affordable bridging finance on the market and we'd love to help you right away.

Get in touch and thanks for reading!


Email us at or call us directly on 021 140 3540

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