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Why Would Somebody That's Selling Their Property Need Bridging Finance?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Why do sellers come to us and work with us?

And by the way, when we started Empower Funding, I always thought we would work with real estate agents much more than sellers! And we work with many agents!

But interestingly, we work with sellers the most.

So why do sellers need bridging?

All right, let's dig in!

You've sold the property.

Let's say you've sold it for R1 million and after all the costs and bonds you need to repay and so on, you're going to get R500,000 in profit from that sale.


Now, that R500,000 is only coming to you in 3 months time, and now you need that money for life, for work, for business, for your next property, for a deposit, whatever the case may be...

You need some of that money, let's say only R100,000.

So the seller now stresses because he needs money and he doesn't know that bridging is an option!!

You'll be surprised how many sellers have no idea that bridging finance is an option.

So now they're stressing over R100,000.

They can come to us at Empower Funding!

We will give them that money at the most affordable rate in the country.

Now there are countless examples of when you would need this:

Sometimes in the process of selling, you need to pay certain costs, rates and other things like that. If you know you know. There are certain costs that you need to pay.

Now what does the seller do?

They don't have the R100,000 to pay these rates that they need to pay.

So what they do?

They are going to get the money in 3 months' time, so they come to Empower Funding!

We say no worries!

We'll bridge that R100,000 you need for the costs.

You'll use that, it'll help the transfer to go much faster because now you've paid the cost you need to pay.

You pay it.

The transfer moves along and 3 months later the property transfer in full, you get the rest of your money, and it was without the delay of needing to wait for they money you need.

It's a very common thing.

Sellers DO need bridging finance.

So, if you know of a seller that needs it, please connect them to us!

If you are thinking about bridging and you want to know more, get in touch with us.

And we will help you to Get Your Money. Now

Thank you! And please watch the video below :)

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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