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Calculate Your Savings in Seconds!

We’re excited to introduce a new tool that will make understanding our bridging finance costs easier than ever – the Empower Bridging Finance Cost Calculator for Sellers!

At Empower, we’ve noticed that many clients find our rate calculation a bit confusing. Our rate is the most affordable on the market, set at just R1 per R1000 per day, for agents, and R1.20 per R1000 per day for sellers.

But, we understand that this can be a bit tricky to grasp. That’s why we created a cost calculator, designed to simplify the process and give you a clear picture of your costs.

Easy To Use!

Using the cost calculator is simple. Just navigate to the Bridging Finance tab on our website, and then the Sellers or Agents tab. Enter the amount you wish to borrow and the number of days you’ll need it for, and the calculator will instantly show you the total cost and interest.

It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and takes only a few seconds!

If you still have questions or want a deeper understanding of how we calculate our rates, feel free to explore our other informative videos or contact us directly. We look forward to assisting you with all your bridging finance needs.

Real Estate Agents: Cost Calculator Here!

Property Sellers: Cost Calculator Here!

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Gal Ezra


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