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Is Bridging Worth It? Real Estate Agents In SA

Here's some simple math on a made-up bridging finance scenario.

Let's say you're an agent and you want R10 000 right now because you're waiting on your commission. You're getting R30 000 but all you want is R10 000.

Now let's do the math on that... with Empower Funding, the most affordable, you will only pay R10 a day.

Three months go by and you are only going to pay, on the R10 000, our minimum fee which is R300.

Okay, you're gonna pay R300, that's not much. But let's say you took that R10 000 and you invested R5000 of it into ads for your property. Let's say you took the other R2000 and got yourself a new monitor for your office. And let's say you took the other R3000 and used it for personal expenses so that you weren't stressed.

Now, ads will bring you more money, definitely more money than the R300 you're going to pay Empower Funding. And you had a monitor to work more efficiently, and you had money to not be stressed.

That's a made-up scenario. But I'm just showing you that sometimes you pay a little bit of interest, but you use the money to create a lot more money, so it becomes worth it.

That's where Empower Funding helps so many agents, to upgrade their technology, to pay for higher education and new interesting courses about real estate, whatever it might be. Or simply, to not have the stress of waiting for your money.

Contact us if you want help figuring out whether or not it's actually worth it for you to use bridging finance.

We're looking forward to helping you. We're here to assist!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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