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What Was Our Inspiration? | The Empower Story

I'm going to tell you about our story. Why we started Empower in the first place, and what got us to get into this industry.

It all started when my dad was working with an estate agent. The estate agent told him that there was bridging finance that they use. The problem that they had, and it was a big problem, was cash flow because they'd have to wait for three months for their money. An additional problem was the insane interest they were paying, where they'd use bridging finance, but it would really hurt them because of the interest being so high.

We thought maybe we can do bridging finance, but in a way that doesn't cripple the agent due to interest. So our focus was on agents and still is on agents. We got into it to help the agent.

As we continued working, we realized, wow, there's a whole major industry! We now work with sellers a lot in fact, and they have the same issue. Three months of not getting paid out. Having all kinds of costs along the way, wanting to just pay for their life and being unable to because they're waiting on money from the sale of their own home.

So that inspiration of solving that problem without making the interest too much is why Empower started. We're now over two years old, and going better than ever. We're really building an amazing client base that we appreciate. We have our eyes on growing throughout South Africa.

If you're interested in bridging finance, get in touch. We'd love you to be one of our clients and to get your money, now.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding

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