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How Did Empower Funding Begin?

How did this whole business start? Well, my father does a variety of different businesses and business coaching as well. And he was actually working with a real estate agent in South Africa and they mentioned to him that they use bridging finance.

He asked what bridging finance was and they explained it to him. And he said, wow, sounds incredible! But it's very expensive. I could do the same thing, but at a better rate. So he actually started with it very informally.

Then he came to me and said, "Gal, I know that you have a bit of time now on your hands because your business is doing well. Do you want to get involved with this new business direction? It's called bridging finance. I think that we can help people." So I said, alright, let's get going.

That really was it. We kicked it off. We said, all right, what's the market offering bridging finance? Let's beat it, let's give a great rate. Let's give great service. And that's how it began. And now it's been going really, really well. And it's become a real business.

It's grown out of that, just a chance encounter and a real niche that we've found that we can help people in. It's not that we invented bridging finance, it's not that we are doing something necessarily new. We're just trying to do it better and at a more affordable rate. So that's how it all began.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding

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