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How To Learn Effectively - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

Have you ever heard somebody say, "the more I learn, the less I know", or something along those lines?

Why is that?

Firstly, I can tell you that people do not have the correct definition for the word "learn". On top of that if I told you what's the difference between learning, and studying? What's the difference between knowing and knowledge? What's the difference between the basic words? What is the purpose of studying? And what is the purpose of learning?

If you don't have those answers, then whatever you learn, you will actually find yourself getting into a worse condition, meaning the more I learn, the less I know.

That shouldn't be the case. If you want to find out the difference, I have totally free replays for you on in my previous webinar, which was awesome.

I explain that in detail, and I can't do that in a short blog post. So I'm recommending you go and watch it totally free. And you'll get the answers to those questions, and you'll see what you need to do when you're learning. Check it out!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding



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