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How To Reinvigorate At Work - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

How do you keep the energy going in a work environment?

It might be Monday, and the team is still dragging their feet from the weekend and you want to get the day started, and everybody to be on an energy level that's high and productive.

The first thing that we do is reinvigorate why we are even working, who are we trying to help? What value are we putting out there? What does it mean when we get in touch with people and provide our service? So when you look at the bigger picture, you have a little bit more of a purpose and a drive for doing what you're doing every day.

Because when you're working, it's a nonstop game. It's like a super marathon. Definitely not a sprint. Every day you're marketing, every day you're calling, every day you're doing the same steps. That can be a little bit mundane unless you know why you're doing it, then reinvigorating that in yourself and your team.

And then sometimes you think, well, "I don't want to start" or "I don't feel like it". And the way to get out of that is to just do one tiny little step right now, just the first thing, just start. Take up the first email that's there, do it. Go to the oldest email, and just say, you know what, "I'm not doing anything else until I get my oldest email done". And once you get that one done, another one and another one and just slowly go through it and you'll find yourself all of a sudden getting into this flow.

That's where you want to be, you want to keep going. Because if you wake up on a Wednesday and start working, you have no momentum. I hope that helps you to get started on the first thing. Reinvigorate who you're helping, why you're doing it, and it should excite you enough to just start and once you start, it'll roll.


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