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The Fears Of Salespeople - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

Salespeople have all kinds of fears.

They have fears that somebody will say no to them. They have fears of their past clients, they have fears of current clients, they have fears to talk to someone new.

They have fear, they're worried. And because of that worry, when you're scared, when you're fearful, you don't look.

If I scare you right now you immediately don't want to look at the thing that scares you. If you're scared of your bank statement you prefer not to look at it right now. If you're scared of your client, you prefer not to go see them, not to talk to them, not to call them.

When salespeople are fearful they don't act.

You stop.

You pause.

You wait.

You hope that the client will somehow close themselves, you are scared to follow up. So when you have fear, you can't close and you have issues with sales.

How do you handle your fears?

One of the best ways to handle your fears is by succeeding. When you have success all of a sudden the fears go away because you realize you can achieve something. A quick shortcut on handling the fear is just getting you to succeed.

In the Income Booster webinar I'm doing, we are going to show you how to succeed more, how to close more, and by that alone, your fears will just vanish.

If you want to handle your fears, join the Income Booster:

and we'll handle the fear and get you succeeding!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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