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The Secret To Increasing Your Awareness - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

Updated: May 28, 2021

Did you know that most people don't notice most of what's around them?

If I told you to close your eyes right now and describe what was behind you, you wouldn't be able to tell me even 15% of it.

The reason is that people don't always observe and don't look at the details.

You might have a person in front of you, and you've had a whole conversation with them. If I asked you after... what were they wearing? What rings did they have on? What shoes were they wearing? You wouldn't be able to tell me, even if you had a whole discussion with them.

So most people don't notice. I have a friend and he told me that he'd walk his dog and people would walk by and run by him and they'd see the dog. They'd go and play with the dog and say, "you're such a cutie! Look at the dog... oh you're so cute!"... and they'd walk away.

They wouldn't give him any attention. They wouldn't even look at him. They put their attention on a dog, that was about the level that they were willing to confront, but a human... "hey man..." and walked away, barely even that, they just look and walk.

So the idea is that people don't look at others, don't look at their space, don't look at their environment. What you can do about that to become more aware and observant is start practicing noticing the details. Speak to someone and just have a look at them. Look at what they're wearing. Look at what they are doing with their face. Look at what they say. Listen to what they say.

You can pick up details with people, if you walk into a room look at the corners of the room, what does the ceiling look like... the floor, etc. Look around. Now you don't have to be looking at every little detail but find yourself observing more little details.

And I think that'll help you to become more observant and more aware.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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