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Becoming A Good Salesman - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

"Everyone is a salesman". We've all heard that saying that you have to be a salesman. And "if you're not a salesman, then you just don't know that you are one".

Well, the idea is that anything in life requires you to sell yourself or to be in some way involved in a sales process.

So even if you're going and getting the girl, you have to sell her on yourself. Or if you're trying to get a new office space, and you're not the "salesman" in your business, you're in charge of, let's say, finding new spaces. You still have to be a salesman, because you have to explain yourself, your company, and try to get the best price. No matter what you do, even if you're a musician, you are a salesman, because you need to sell your albums, you need to sell yourself on social media, you need to put yourself in a position that people want to buy from you and want to pay you and give you something in exchange for what you give them.

So how do you become a good salesman? What's the fundamental? The fundamental is you need to want to help. If you know that what you are offering is helpful, you will be able to sell so much better just by having that switch in your mind that you are helping the person.

For example, if you have a wounded animal, and this is going to hurt a little but you're going to get them out of the trap that they're stuck in, you are going to sell yourself to that animal and you're going to go through whatever they resist, and you're going to get them to buy your help and get them out of the trap.

Being a salesman means helping, despite the resistance. It doesn't mean being pushy, being aggressive, not listening to the guy because you are forceful. That's when salesmen get a bad name. If you genuinely care, and you want to help, your sales process will be so much better by that alone without needing to learn fancy techniques, or what to say that sounds good. Just know that you want to help, have a real communication and present your offering and they'll want to buy or take or love you or date you or whatever the case may be.

So try that out. And I hope that that helps!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director Empower Funding


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