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Get To Know Gal Ezra, Managing Director at Empower Funding

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

1. What do you do at Empower Funding?

Officially, I am the Managing Director at Empower Funding. Day to day, I am putting my passion for helping others to use through working with an incredible team and aiming to grow this company to reach more people and offer affordable bridging finance to all of South Africa.

2. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I have a passion for martial arts along with a big appetite that enjoys great food - I'm a foodie, but not the picky kind 😜 I enjoy nature and the beauty Cape Town and the world have to offer. In general, spending time with my soon to be wife, friends and family.

3. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

To play guitar!

4. Seen any good movies/series lately you’d recommend?

Movies: Bohemian Rhapsody and The Upside. Series: Designated Survivor, Chef's Table and Fauda

5. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

I don't remember the exact moment actually... Probably a haircut! Joking aside, it was a big deal to me when I was first able to make enough to cover my own rent for my own place!

6. What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

Get married! Never done it and don't plan to do it again 😃

7. What was the best concert you ever attended?

Possibly Ed Sheeran ( @teddysphotos ) in Cape Town!

8. Where’s your favorite place in the world?

All around, Cape Town might be it - and I've been around! That's tied closely to Israel.

9. What’s the last book you read?

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah on Audiobook. In terms of a book I read not as recently, but is a favorite, I will always recommend Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Raynd.

10. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Probably bungee jump! Or eating worms (they were cooked, in a restaurant)

Bonus question: What is something people in your industry have to deal with that you want to fix?

I think that client's don't always fully understand the process when it comes to bridging finance and a real estate transaction. In other words, they don't understand all the terminology and the way it all works. On top of that, some of the professionals in the industry don't know how to fully explain it simply to clients. Or perhaps they don't particularly feel like doing it. I want to fix that by explaining it easily, simply and so that others can use Empower Funding's explanations too.

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