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Marketing - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

A helpful tip that I've been telling a lot of friends and people that I work with is that when you start a company, or even if you're deep into your company already, and you start to market and putting out the word, or you just start to reinvigorate your marketing and get out a campaign, the problem is most people quit on their marketing too early.

Marketing takes time, it takes a number of hits to the person before they do the action. So you might get one newsletter, and then another, and then you don't care anymore. But if the person continues on to send you an email, you see something on Instagram or Facebook, you remain subscribed, because you're kind of interested in working with them one day, or you just want to see updates about what they're doing with their company.

Eventually, one day when you need what they offer, you will go and work with them. And they'll be there to assist you. They've reminded you that they're there because they continue to communicate with you. What happens is that most people start their marketing, send out two things, and they give up and think "oh, nobody contacted me". But you gave up too soon. Keep marketing. This is a long game. And you'll see along the way people will jump on board.

We've had somebody that we've sent newsletters to every week. A year later, they wrote to us and said they're ready to work with us. It took a year of newsletters, and then they worked with us. You need to keep going. Don't give up your marketing efforts.

It doesn't mean it needs to be expensive, it doesn't mean it needs to be ultra-creative or super high quality. Most people have a decent enough phone to shoot something, get some decent lighting, and you're good to go. I don't care if you make it on Microsoft Paint, create things that you can share.

Just start going and keep going and over time, improve your quality. That will get you results. Don't quit too early with your marketing.

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding


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