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Why Am I Not Hitting My Targets? - As I Learn With Gal Ezra

People know that they need to set a target, something they need to reach by a certain time. People have the idea, "I've got to make my target to run a half marathon within two months".

They put this target there, and they work towards it. And then they do it, hopefully.

Now, what is the biggest pitfall when it comes to targets?

It's actually incorrectly understanding what it's going to take to make it. So they have a look two months earlier, and they say, "Okay, I'm going to need to do this much to make my target". And then they do that much or a little less than that.

And they don't make their target.

Because they thought they needed to put, let's just say, 10% of energy to make it. But really, it takes 30% of energy, whatever they need to put in to make it happen.

They don't correctly gauge what they need to put into it to make it.

And then you have the term, "too little, too late". All of a sudden, it's too late. They're like, "Oh my god, I did too little".

So when you set a target, also have a look at what's it gonna take not just to make it, but to beat it. And so you don't put in the 10%. You say, "I need to put in 30 to make it but I'm putting in 35. If I make the target early, wonderful, but I'm not going to fall short".

So my message for you is this: when you set a target, in the beginning, also have a look at what it's going to take to make it? What do I need to do? What changes do I need to make? What kind of energy am I going to need to put into this to make it happen?

Then you will not only make your target but beat them.

Good luck, make those targets!

Gal Ezra,

Managing Director,

Empower Funding



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